College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Promoting research and education in pursuit of cultural and societal diversity and communication

The philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities is to extend and refine personality and rationality, while cultivating rich humanity and enhancing expertise in humanities, communications, and social sciences. Seeking to make a more efficient and effective education effort based on this principle, the Faculty of Humanities reorganized the curriculums previously consisting of 3 majors into those composed of 2 majors and 10 courses in 2006. The extensive 4-year-long curriculums with a variety of options to choose from are designed to develop human resources needed by the society.

Department of Human Communication Studies

Based on the fundamentals of all humanities subject areas, the Department of Human Communications aims to explore human nature through a psychological and linguistic inference with a better understanding of the history and culture of Japan as well as other countries throughout the world, while effectively utilizing a variety of media channels to collect, analyze, and distribute information.

The intensive training is intended to help students view themselves from a more objective, unbiased viewpoint and proactively probe others with a communicative intent, ultimately contributing to the harmony of mankind.

Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences seeks to help students acquire a wide range of knowledge in all social sciences subject areas, learn the legal way of thinking through solid legal knowledge, understand the basic mechanism of economy and management, study the structural characteristics of the international community as well as each individual government, and incorporate the fundamental principles of politics, economy, and public welfare in local communities. The comprehensive academic training is intended to foster human resources capable of making both robust and flexible decisions based on wide perspectives and finding feasible solutions for a number of social issues that matter to us all.