Food innovation creation in Ibaraki Prefecture,
which stands second in agricultural output in Japan.

Quantum Beam Science

Research and human resources development a global level in the region,
where the facilities of the leading quantum beam science are centered.

Climate change
adaptation network

Contribution to a sustainable future
on earth with a network of Asian countries.

Regional Art & Culture,
based in IZURA

Growth of culture and art
in a place noted for its connection with Okakura Tenshin,
who linked the East with the West.

Where is Ibaraki University?

Ibaraki University is located in Ibaraki Prefecture, facing the Pacific Ocean to the east and bordering the Tokyo metropolitan area to the south. We have campus locations in the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of the prefecture and we provide unique education and research opportunities by utilizing our own regional characteristics.

Map of Ibaraki

Mito Campus

Mito Campus
2-1-1, Bunkyo, Mito, 310-8512
  • Administration Bureau
  • College of Humanities and SocialSciences
  • College of Education
  • College of Science
  • University Library
  • Institute for Liberal Arts Education
  • Research and Innovation Center
  • Admission Center
  • University Health Center
  • Center for Teacher Education
  • Center for Instrumental Analysis
  • Global and Local Environment Co-creation Institute(GLEC)
  • Social Collaboration Center
  • International House for Foreign Students(977, Hori, Mito, 310-0903)

Ami Campus

Ami Campus
3-21-1, Chuuo, Ami, Inashiki, 300-0393
  • College of Agriculture
  • Ami Branch of University Library
  • Ami Branch of Center for Information Technology
  • Gene Research Center
  • Ami Branch of Social Collaboration Center
  • Center for International Field Agriculture
  • Research & Education(4668-1, Ami, Ami, Inashiki, 300-0331)

Hitachi Campus

Hitachi Campus
4-12-1, Nakanarusawa, Hitachi, 316-8511
  • College of Engineering
  • Hitachi Branch of University Library
  • Center for Information Technology
  • Hitachi Branch of Social Collaboration Center

Tokai Satellite Campus

Tokai Satellite Campus
162-1, Shirakata, Tokai, Naka, 319-1106
  • Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences


  • Affiliated Kindergarten (2-6-8, Sannomaru, Mito, 310-0011)
  • Affiliated Elementary School (2-6-8, Sannomaru, Mito, 310-0011)
  • Affiliated Junior High School (1-3-32, Bunkyo, Mito, 310-0056)
  • Affiliated School for Special (Education 1955,Tsuda,Hitachinaka,312-0032)
  • GLEC Water Environmental Field Station (1375, Oou, Itako, 311-2402)
  • Center for Astronomy (627-1, Ishitaki-Kamidai, Takahagi, Ibaraki, 318-0022)
  • Izura Institute of Arts and Culture (727-2, Izura, Ootsu, Kitaibaraki, 319-1703)
  • Daigo Seminar House (5653-10 ,Shimonomiya, Daigo, Kuji, 319-3555)